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Runway of Dreams Los Angeles 2022 Fashion Revolution
Unwritten Beauty
Lyme is the Worst
A Day at The Beach for Us as a Family!
2018 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge Entry
Interview for Latinas de Éxito de Univision
Hosting Reel 2017 -See Beyond TV
This is How I Drive as a Paraplegic
Ipsy body positive campaign
ipsy Open Studios creator Tamara Mena
Tamara Mena denounces discrimination
You Can Do Anything Tamara Mena
Disabled Models at FTL Moda's FW15 fashion show
Tamara Mena Hosts Adaptive Athletes' Special
If you want to know more about Tamara Mena or us
Tamara Mena- Motivational Speaker, Motivadora
"Fun Fearless Latina" by Cosmo For Latinas
Creative Inspirational Forum
Eternal Optimist In English
Eternal Optimist in Spanish
Get away with Tamara Mena
MundoFOX Network: Motivational Speaker
Tamara Mena: American Latino
Red Bull, Wings For Life World Run
Tamara Mena Model/Host Demo REEL
Tamara (adapting my auto)
Tamara Mena Interviews at Modelle Rotelle- Trailer
audition for Nuestra Belleza Latina 2013
It's Me in Francesco's Exciting Video
Embrace You Project
REthinking G20 2012 Ekso Bionics, Eythor Bender
Embrace You Project Trailer
2012 Abilities Expo-LA
Tamara Mena on Inside Edition
La Ciudad de las Ideas Presentation
Exoskeleton Test Pilot
Exoskeleton Test Pilot
First Visit to Sabado Gigante
My Modeling Video
TiLite Commercial: ‪Choice Matters to Tamara
My Graduation Speech