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Writers Guild of America DisABILITY Scene Night.

My experience when I was selected to be part of the Writers Guild of America DisABILITY Scene Night depicted in my photos below. Tamara Mena doing a scene with Jamie Lynn Sigler!! Writer!s Guild of America DisABILITY Scene Night!

My Thoughts On Victoria’s Secret Becoming More Inclusive

  I finally was at a point where I accepted my body when I lost many of those curves & muscle tone due to a spinal cord injury that left me paralyzed from mid chest down…😥 My muscles atrophied and it was very painful to accept my new body and my new life! Without a doubt […]

Mis pensamientos sobre Victoria’s Secret se vuelven más inclusivos

•ESPAÑOL: Finalmente estaba en un punto donde aceptaba mi cuerpo y fue cuando perdí mis curvas y masa muscular al recibir una lesión en la médula espinal que me dejó paralizada del pecho para abajo.😥 Mis músculos se atrofiaron mucho y fue muy difícil aceptar mi nuevo cuerpo y mi nueva vida! Sin duda puedo […]

I did a MAKEUP LOOK for IPSY! Hear all about the negativity! -My full thoughts on it!

As a makeup lover, when Ipsy approaches you about doing a makeup look for  them that’s something to highly consider and to be HAPPY ABOUT!!! And I sure was! I was intrigued about the look they wanted me to do! But honestly, once this look was set and done, I didn’t know how people would […]

Honest Post About Movie “Me Before You” By Someone Paralyzed, Happy And In Love

There’s different ways you can look at the movie (I have not seen it yet, but I know how it ends, I’ve seen the trailer and what different critics are saying about it). Unfortunately, one of the main characters, the guy who becomes paralyzed in the movie commits suicide, even though I was told “he […]