I did a MAKEUP LOOK for IPSY! Hear all about the negativity! -My full thoughts on it!

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As a makeup lover, when Ipsy approaches you about doing a makeup look for  them that’s something to highly consider and to be HAPPY ABOUT!!! And I sure was! I was intrigued about the look they wanted me to do! But honestly, once this look was set and done, I didn’t know how people would react to it…I knew it would not be for everyone because it’s such a different look and so edgy! But I am so proud about it!!

Even with all the negative comments, all the criticism I got with it, I keep my head up high, because I chose to do something that was new for me, out of my comfort zone, but I saw it as a challenge and actually WENT FOR IT! The only way you can truly grow is when you step OUTSIDE your comfort zone and that’s something that I can be proud of with this!

Ipsy approached me with a very specific concept for their birthstones series, and this month is Garnet and with that they picked specific colors (red for this) AND concepts such as the glossy lids (which is one of the biggest beauty and makeup trends right now!). This isn’t a typical look for me (those of you who’ve been following me for a while know it) but Ipsy knows me and that I love makeup and do makeup tutorials so they approached me with their concept and I went for it!! I’m SO grateful for this @ipsy and had a blast shooting with you!

To everyone who loved it, thank you so much for your love and support!It means so much!! To those who hated it, it’s ok because each person is entitled to their opinion and the fact that I’m in a wheelchair shouldn’t matter! I do not want people to feel sorry for me and “like it” because I’m in a wheelchair, had a tragic accident, etc. I never want people’s petty. I want my talent as an artist, as an actress, as a host, etc, to speak first, whether it’ there or not and my wheelchair not affect that!

With that said, people are entitled to those opinions. But I do wish people would be more considerate and not so critical and negative about stupid small things! Like me applying foundation with my fingers!! Really?! I was shocked to see a lot of people make a big deal about THAT! Does it really matter that much?? I used a silicone blender to apply part of my makeup (but I don’t even think people noticed it because they were so hung up about it!! And in the rest of the video, I used aaaaallll brushes! It’s stupid to judge someone, bash them so much for using their fingers and for only a bit! Many people do it, even pro MUA’s because sometimes it feels like you have more control with your fingers. You’re not any less because you use your fingers to apply some makeup!! Yes I used hand sanitizer before doing it!

Also shoot me for my foundation not matching me exactly! I never thought so many people would comment on it, but I do have to agree with everyone! I live in LA but with winter around, I have not been able to tan recently and have gotten super white! I didn’t have time to go get a lighter shade before shooting this because it happened so fast, from one day to another, literally! Also my body tans a LOT more than my face, so when I’m tanned I have to get a darker foundation to match my neck because I hate looking like I have a white mask on! I think that’s worse! In this case, it was the opposite because I’ve lost my tan… I’m sure I’m not the only one who has struggled with this… It’s impossible to have the exact shade all year round! Come on, so give me a break! Anyway, I’ll have to get a lighter shade real quick since so many of you have commented about it!


In general, please consider the person behind the video, behind the makeup, or photo. Words are powerful! Please Choose your words wisely because you never know how much you could bring someone down and affect them negatively! I choose to encourage people always!

•You guys should check out the video, on Ipsy’s Facebook page!! https://www.facebook.com/ipsy/videos/1589618077752174/ Ipsy said my Video performed really well, & that I should be proud because many shared it!!

It’s also on Ipsy’s YouTube channel!Birthstone: Garnet feat. @tamaramena1 | ipsy Open Studios Presents

Birthstone: Garnet feat. @tamaramena1 | ipsy Open Studios Presents

ipsy Open Studios creator Tamara Mena gives you the lowdown on how to get this glam garnet look. Are you loving the glossy lid and glitter lip trends? Talent…

Lastly stay tuned for a behind the scenes video of this!! Here it is!!



Big shout out to everyone who worked on this production! Thank you @stephhmariee_ for doing my hair! Loved it!


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Check out some of the photos, courtesy of ipsy! Photos are subject to copyright. thumbnail-42 copy

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Makeup Product details:

•Nyx first base spray

•Smashbox – photo finish pore minimizing

•Concealer  Wetnwild- photo focus concealer in Medium Tawny.

•Foundation “all nighter” shade 07 by Urban Decay

•Loose setting powder in cool beige by Dermablend

•Eye concealer Tarte- shape tape in light medium


Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette. And Morphe. Gloss lid, Tarte. Melted liquid latex in I’m Bossy.

•Blush Milani, Sun light spotlight.

•contouring palette NYX

•highlighter all over face and brow bone  – Laura Geller Palette.

•As highlighter on cheek and brow bone- Diamond Glow Dusters in “Golden goddess” by Bebella & Beflawless.

•Last highlighter (on cheeks only) Urban Decay illuminated in Aura.

•Brow pencil Santee

•Brow powder Anastasia

•Eyelashes DoDo lashes

•Mascara- cover girl, lash blast volume

•Lip gloss – same from Tarte. “I’m bossy” and Santee pure lip color #10 (top coat)

•Inner glitter Stila, Magnificent Metals in gold goddess.

•Setting spray Urban Decay. De-slick

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