CHECK OUT all the GREAT Interviews on Adaptive Athletes For American Latino TV Show!

People know I want to keep growing as a host, not just do beauty and fashion alone. So I was approached by one of the producers at LATV who said that I was their “inspiration” to do their annual athlete one hour special, but this time they wanted to highlight adaptive athletes, for the first time! They wanted me to host and be the “connective tissue to all these stories” which is an honor to me because I admire all of them! I’m so excited to share all these powerful interviews! All of the athletes are beyond inspiring, so you don’t want to miss any of the interviews, which is why I wanted to share all these together! All these interviews, were part of a one hour special that aired on American Latino TV. 🙂

To the athletes (and their families), thank you so much for your time, for being part of this, and for opening up to me! It’s been a blessing meeting you all!

It makes me feel so awesome that I was some sort of inspiration for change, to have a positive effect on  a tv network, and for the first time dedicate a whole hour to athletes who happen to have a disability or different abilities and highlight stories THAT SHOULD BE HIGHLIGHTED MORE AND MORE!

PLEASE CHECK THESE OUT AND SHARE THIS BLOG POST! Everyone should hear these powerful stories because it will motivate you to do more and simply inspire you!

Special thanks to #LATV and #americanlatinotv!

Dustin Shillcox

Published on May 17, 2016
Guest host, Tamara Mena talks to Dustin Shillcox about the “wings for life” world run by red bull.



video-1.7  video-1.5   video-1.2 video-1.1

Adaptive Sports and Recreation Association and adaptive soccer:

Published on May 17, 2016
Guest host Tamara Mena, meets the men and women organizing ASRA’s adaptive soccer games in San Diego.

video-2.1 video-2.2  video-2.3a    video-2.7 video-2.8  video-2.10 video-2.11 video-2.12



The World of Chairskating:

Published on May 17, 2016
Guest host Tamara Mena is intruduced to the world of chairskating through the stories of two very young athletes.


video-3.1 video-3.2 video-3.3   video-3.6  video-3.8 video-3.9



Adaptive Athlete Misty Diaz

Published on May 17, 2016
Guest host Tamara Mena meets adaptive marathon runner Misty Diaz.



video-4.1 video-4.2  video-4.4   video-4.7

Apaptive Surfer Jesse Billauer talks about “Life Rolls On”

Published on May 17, 2016
Guest host Tamara Mena meets up with adaptive athlete Jesse Billauer, who tells her about his story and the mission of “Life Rolls On”.


video-5.1 video-5.2  video-5.4 video-5.5 video-5.6 video-5.7    video-5.11


The World Of Adaptive Basketball


Published on May 17, 2016
Guest host Tamara Mena is introduced to the world of Adaptive Basketball.


video-6.1  video-6.3  video-6.8  video-6.10


Blind Marathoner Jason Romero Runs Across The Country

Published on May 17, 2016
Our guest host Tamara Mena talks with blind marathon Runner Jason Romero before he starts his record-setting cross country run.


video-7.1    video-7.5 video-7.7    video-7.11

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