Embrace YOU Project

Embrace You Project
Know, Accept, and Embrace Yourself

About the Embrace You Project: It is dedicated to help women Know, Accept, and Embrace who they are. The journey of this project begins at the end of 2010, as I started thinking of ways to encourage women to help them embrace who they are further than just “accepting” their situation. Then a team was put together to coordinate a photo shoot session, and this is where the journey begins for the 3 “embracers” Angelica Galand, Stephanie Sablan, and Tamara Mena, all different points in their journeys after a life-changing experience, a spinal cord injury (SCI) and all at different levels; therefore all different situations. The women, all wheelchairs users, will explore their creativity and beauty in front of the camera incorporating their wheelchair with the goal to help them be proud of their situation. The impactful images created, by photographer Gabriela Hasbun, will help the women specifically involved in this project by reassuring them of their beauty (including the wheelchair) and their endless potential. Beyond helping these women more directly involved, I created the Embrace You Project with the main hope to impact the rest of the world through the creation of positive and captivating images and footage. However, he ultimate goal is to inspire and encourage other women to not only fully accept but to also embrace everything about themselves and to always be proud of who they are, regardless of any life circumstance.

The video document the Embrace YOU Project: The Embracer’s photo shoot, some of the final powerful images, and short and sweet but encouraging interview with the women sharing their journey in knowing, accepting and embracing who they are, including their struggles and advice for women in general.
Watch Embrace You Trailer Video! Click HERE!

Reason: People (men and women included, but mostly women) who face a spinal cord injury, something traumatic, or a life-changing experience face countless challenges, including having difficulties with fully accepting who they are, their new identity and body image. Women not only have a difficult time accepting themselves, but also and mainly embracing their appearance in a wheelchair and everything else that comes with their new life, and I say this not assuming everyone goes through this because that is not the case, but I have found this to be true for the majority and I am mostly speaking of my personal experience.

The main goal is that ladies, the embracers, in the Embrace YOU Project will be empowered, boosting their self-confidence or helping them in different ways. Most importantly, through this empowerment, they main goal is for them (throgh this video) to uplift other women in wheelchairs, and all women and people, by sharing their experience. It is about helping others know, accept and embrace their whole selves and as I say, “to own it!” By that I mean to own your situation, take charge and Embrace it ALL!

WATCH Embrace YOU Project Video! Click HERE!

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