Get Ready for 2013!

Are YOU ready for the New Year? Ready or not, here it comes! 2013 is practically HERE, and even if you don’t feel ready, you can prepare for it, get ready for 2013 by doing the following:

1. Think of everything you accomplished this 2012 and be proud of yourself!
2. Even if there were things you didn’t get to finish, you can retake those projects this upcoming 2013- don’t forget that everything happens for a reason, so those things you didn’t fulfill in 2012 have a chance to be completed this next year!
3. Consider those things, projects, or relationships that you might have to let go if they’re not letting you move forward or simply have to end. Don’t ever give up on what you want, just discern those things that might have to be finished. Yes, it’s ok. Know it’ll all work out. New beginnings bring new things, things you might have never thought of.
4. *Super important: Be receptive of this new year. The way you start off this year is crucial. By that, I don’t mean, what you’re doing or where you’re physically at when this New Year begins, but more importantly, the attitude that you have towards this new year and where you are in your mind as the year starts.
5. Be positive and happy! It’s important to be filled with excitement towards this new year, and first and foremost, be hopeful for all the things that will come to you in this new year. Sometimes hope is all we have, so don’t loose hope.
6. Believe that great things are coming! Do not doubt it. Believe with every ounce of your being, just like when you were little and believed wholeheartedly. With that desire to see all the things that you want and need, BELIEVE.
7. Do not forget to take ACTIONS. In order to see things happen, you’ve got to make those happen, which means taking steps to get there. Make a plan for the things you want and do it, act on it!
8. Do not pressure yourself just now if you don’t already have a set plan, just be open to this new year, know that it’ll bring great things, believe in the endless possibilities, and know you will have to take actions for those things you desire to become a reality. Please see my “Steps to Success” to use as a guide to help you accomplish those things you want in your life and succeed:
9. Challenge yourself to learn new things and grow in different ways this upcoming year. Try new things; things you’ve always wanted to try or things you’ve never thought of. Why not? Take opportunities as a challenge. Find ways to challenge yourself!
10. Last but not least, be grateful for everything that happened in 2012, appreciate what exists in your life now. Live in the moment and continue to look forward to all that is POSSIBLE!!

Cheers to 2013! Happy New Year!!!

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