My Steps To Help You Embrace Who YOU Are: KAHDE


Know. Accept. Highlight. Disguise. Embrace.

Helping you embrace who YOU are.


Who are you? Really dig deep in you. Know who you are. What do you want to project to the world? Know what is your body type. Know your assets and flaws. Know your style. Know what looks suit you best. Know what looks you’re going for. Know what you want people to see and perceive.  KNOW WHAT YOU WANT.


Accept who you are. Accept what you have been given, what you have to work with. Accept your assets and flaws. Most importantly, accept that you’re not perfect. No one is perfect. Why not make it easier on yourself and ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE and what you look like? It will help you advance forward. And remember that accepting does not mean you settle. You accept what you have but you can highlight your assets and disguise your flaws.


Now that you know what your assets and strengths are, highlight them! Remember, these assets and strengths are what you like the most about you, what you’re proud of. So if you like something, BRING IT OUT. Also, don’t forget to ENHANCE those assets that you like.


You always want to focus on the positives and work with those, but since you now know your ‘flaws’ and weaknesses, now it’s time to DISGUISE them. Remember, we all have those but it’s crucial to know what those are. You don’t want to highlight what you don’t like about you or what is not much of an asset on you. You want to focus on what you love because that confidence in your assets will show and disguise what you’re not so proud of or what you point blank don’t like.


The final step is be proud of who you are, your whole self. When you know what your strengths and weaknesses are, it is when you are able to work with them. This is when you get to EXPERIMENT, as part of EMBRACE. Don’t be afraid to experiment new styles and have fun! Just because you recognize what areas are not your strengths, it does NOT mean you can’t be proud of them. You should be proud of everything you’ve got because that makes you, YOU! How you feel inside will always reveal itself, so be satisfied with what you have and show that satisfaction with confidence.

Know you, Accept you, to Embrace you! Work on your inner self FIRST, to reveal the beauty in you.

*Don’t forget to also apply these steps to find and embrace your personal clothing style. This model was designed so you can apply it to help you find your style and how to best dress for your body type and who you are. Apply these steps innerly and express them outwardly. Have FUN and KAHDE!*

 Know. Accept. Highlight. Disguise. Embrace.


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