CORE Steps to SUCCESS- KBAFF – Know. Believe. Action. Follow Through. Feedback.


Regardless of your situation in life, tragic, difficult, or challenging at times decide:

-You can make the conscious decision that no matter what you have to go through in this life, you are not a victim. *Decide to view yourself as a fighter and a survivor (if you survived a life-changing and tragic situation) and commit to live your life that way.

-Take charge of your life and take responsibility. After all, it’s YOUR life, what you do is on you, and YOU have the power to do anything. Many things are out of your control, unfortunately, but you can always decide how you want to live your life.

Once you commit to always living life as a fighter and a survivor, and you take responsibility for your own life, you can follow these core steps that will lead you to success: KBAFF


Know who you are and know what you want in life. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to see in your life happen? Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many things, know the direction you want out of life as a start and go for it!


Believe in your potential and that all things are possible. Truly believe in it, and as a helpful tool, visualize what you want and often repeat to yourself that “ yes you can” to help you believe. You out of everyone must believe in yourself.


As you know what you want and you believe, there must be a plan to take action upon. Take action. Do it. This is where you start making things happen. Step by step, make it happen.

Follow Through:

Most things in life are not a one-time action. For most things to come true, youve got to follow through with it. This includes taking several actions, steps, and doing this several times. Dont give up, keep knocking on doors, even when youre ready to give up. Don’t be afraid to knock on many people’s doors, and always follow through with what you said you would do. If you believe in what you want, some way or another, you will get there- know this.

Feedback: This step is crucial, as you have to analyze if what you wanted to accomplish or those things you wanted to achieve are indeed working out. Are they close to where you wanted to be? This is where feedback from your own self, in an honest manner comes through. In the long run, not getting honest feedback only hurts you more than anyone else. Getting feedback from other people will be constructive, help you grow, and possibly help you find direction, when needed. It’s okay if your direction changes or to find out you have made mistakes. Mistakes can be part of the journey, but this is where you find that out. You can’t decide on a new or revised plan of action if you don’t analyze. Get feedback, analyze, revise, grow, dont be fearful of changes and believe in the endless possibilities.


Know. Believe. Action. Follow Through. Feedback.

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