Help Others Believe

As the New Year approaches and as new beginnings are about to flourish, I’d like to share a personal anecdote with all of you, hoping you can help me turn it into a greater good for others:

Over the years, I have encountered several people who have told me that “they couldn’t have dealt with what happened to me” (my accident that left me paralyzed and killed my boyfriend), and that “they just don’t know how I did it and how I just keep on going after all I have been through including my circumstances?”

Well, I truly and wholeheartedly believe that those same people COULD have dealt with it, and CAN deal with anything that comes their way triumphantly. We all have the potential. I know we do! YOU just have to believe. As you believe in your potential and the great things life has in store for you, think of sharing this with anyone who’s at your reach. Why not becoming that force that HELPS others believe? To me, the greatest and most successful people on earth are not those who are born with immense amounts of wealth or intelligence, but those who believed, those who have believed in themselves, in humanity and, more importantly, in the power of helping others!

Recount everything you gained in this last year, knowing confidently and believing that this next year will be even greater because you believe that it will. This I have found to be true: If you believe in you, people will believe in you. If you believe in others, people will believe in themselves. Help Others BELIEVE!

Wishing all of you a prosperous, healthy, joyful and loving year,

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