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Hi my name is Tamara Mena. This is my official submission video for SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Swimsearch 2022!!!

The Runway of Dreams Foundation is proud to present the Global Premiere of our 2022 Los Angeles Fashion Revolution!

Tamara did a few scenes with actress Jamie Lynn Sigler from the hit show “The Sopranos”

Tamara Mena Hosting Reel
Host, Actor & Speaker in a wheelchair! Degree in communication.
AFTER surviving a horrific car accident and becoming paralyzed, and after many hospitalizations, surgeries and many challenges along the way, I graduated from college with the highest honors, summa cum laude! For two months I lost my voice, I could not say anything or write at a horrible time in my life. But from this I had a deep desire to use my voice to inspire people, to change stereotypes, to speak up for the voiceless and advocate for my community, but most of all, to encourage people to keep going in life, no matter what happens!!
There are No limits to what YOU CAN DO regardless of your limitations!

The ipsy community talks sexiness, self-confidence, and body image.

2018 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge Entry

Tamara Mena and Chris Matysuk’s TV Commercial for Kay Jewelers! Tamara, a paraplegic who found love!

Tamara Mena is an international motivational speaker, model, host and ambassador. She proves there are no limits to her, especially in achieving her goals and dreams; she is one of the first hosts in a wheelchair, worldwide!

Overcoming adversity by identifying as a survivor, not a victim. That’s the message that Tamara Mena, a spinal cord injury survivor from Modesto, CA, hopes to communicate.

Powerful Words from Tamara Mena- Motivational Speaker, Motivadora (English & Español)

Easterseals Disability Film Challenge

Inspired by a popular dating show, Karla Arango, a model with a disability, is ready to shatter perceptions of disABLED people at Tati’s show.

Everything changed for Tamara Mena when a car accident left her paralyzed. Despite her adversity, nothing has stopped Tamara from having an accomplished career as an actress. She shares her inspiring story with us and her new documentary film, on Get It Girl. S7 E23

Frida Sofía presenta a una mujer “sin excusas” que sí la inspira y hasta le provoca llorar.