Embrace You Project                   

This project is dedicated to help women embrace who they are. In early 2012 a team of very talented individuals was gathered to help Tamara Mena’s vision come to life! Watch the journey of the 3 “Embracers” Angelica Galang, Stephanie Sablan, and Tamara Mena, all 3 at different points in their lives after a life-changing experience, a spinal cord injury (SCI). The three women were all helped and impacted differently by the Embrace YOU project, but most of all, they were empowered through this journey! The main purpose of the positive images in this footage is to uplift everyone, including all women in wheelchairs. The ultimate goal of this project is to encourage everyone (especially all women) to not only fully accept who you are, but to embrace everything about yourself; to always be proud of who you are, regardless of any life circumstance, “own it” and embrace it all!

Film by Nick Lopez. Producer: Tamara Mena. Photographer: Gabriela Hasbun (www.gabrielahasbun.com). Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Gabriela Chavez. Stylist: Abilen Mora.