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Get Ready for 2013!

Are YOU ready for the New Year? Ready or not, here it comes! 2013 is practically HERE, and even if you don’t feel ready, you can prepare for it, get ready for 2013 by doing the following: 1. Think of everything you accomplished this 2012 and be proud of yourself! 2. Even if there were […]

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Embrace YOU

Embrace You Project Know, Accept, and Embrace Yourself More about the project: It is dedicated to help women accept, and embrace who they are. The journey of this project began at the end of 2010 as I started thinking of ways to encourage many women to further than just “accepting” their situation, embrace it. Knowing […]

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More than “Walking”

More than “Walking” Life-Changing Moment If all of a sudden your ability to walk naturally and independently was abruptly stripped away from you, and that is all you knew, do you think you would want to walk again? Most people would say, “YES” without any hesitation. Why would a person not want to walk again, […]

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Valentines Day, is special, a day dedicated to LOVE❤️ and on this day I couldn’t be feel more grateful to be loved by the most amazing..

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“Seriously?!” It’s exactly what I thought when I got out of my doctors appointment and saw this jerk (who by the way did have a handicapped..

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Jerk parks in the ♿️BLUE lines!😡 Why THIS is Simply Unacceptable!!! Ver Porqué esto es Inaceptable!

This just happened TODAY so I did a video as to why people SHOULD NOT PARK IN THE BLUE LINES AT ALL!!!❌ Please WATCH & SHARE!!! I hope you..

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I’m only here today to remind you that life is precious, short, fragile and unexpected! So if we’re still here alive and breathing, we better..

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✨“Some people are going to reject you simply because you shine too bright for them. That’s OK. Keep shining!”✨ Isn’t that the truth?!..

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