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Tamara Mena, a survivor, positivist, enthusiast and optimistic at heart. This is my story:

I was born and raised in Mexico, an only child raised by a single mother. I lived a fairly “normal” childhood full of joyous moments, occasional luxuries, and wonderful adventures. I was an active child, and I enjoyed exploring the world around me. When I was thirteen, my mother, in search of a better life […]

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After my accident I didn’t wear short dresses like this for a while because I was so sad & self-conscious of my little legs…I just didn’t..

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YAY ready to CELEBRATE this amazing man’s life in Las Vegas!!! Papacito I’ll go with YOU, WHEREVER!! I am beyond blessed GOD brought you..

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”The best decision a woman can make is to Love herself, BE herself & SHINE amongst those who never believed she could!”✨ YES!! •This..

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My real life prince! True story: I dropped my shoe when he picked me up and I said “babe grab my shoe!!” he said “it’s OK babe, just..

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Someone once asked me “why I write so much about women empowerment…?” The answer is simple: because I was raised by a STRONG woman!!‍♀️..

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