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My Thoughts On Victoria’s Secret Becoming More Inclusive

  I finally was at a point where I accepted my body when I lost many of those curves & muscle tone due to a spinal cord injury that left me paralyzed from mid chest down…😥 My muscles atrophied and it was very painful to accept my new body and my new life! Without a doubt […]

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Honest Post About Movie “Me Before You” By Someone Paralyzed, Happy And In Love

There’s different ways you can look at the movie (I have not seen it yet, but I know how it ends, I’ve seen the trailer and what different critics are saying about it). Unfortunately, one of the main characters, the guy who becomes paralyzed in the movie commits suicide, even though I was told “he […]

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Extending a Hand of HOPE

  I am thrilled to share with you that next month I am starting the first Young Women’s SCI Support Group at the respectable hospital, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, one of the leading SCI rehabilitation hospitals in the nation. Together with Stephanie Sablan, a 24-year-old recently injured beautiful lady with a huge heart and […]

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Empowerment through Awareness and Education: Movie Theaters

I went to the movies this past weekend very excited to see a movie I had been anxiously waiting for it to come out! I asked the person at the box office if she knew if the seats for people in wheelchairs were all full? She said, “I’m not sure, most likely,” and followed by […]

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After my accident I didn’t wear short dresses like this for a while because I was so sad & self-conscious of my little legs…I just didn’t..

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YAY ready to CELEBRATE this amazing man’s life in Las Vegas!!! Papacito I’ll go with YOU, WHEREVER!! I am beyond blessed GOD brought you..

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”The best decision a woman can make is to Love herself, BE herself & SHINE amongst those who never believed she could!”✨ YES!! •This..

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My real life prince! True story: I dropped my shoe when he picked me up and I said “babe grab my shoe!!” he said “it’s OK babe, just..

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Someone once asked me “why I write so much about women empowerment…?” The answer is simple: because I was raised by a STRONG woman!!‍♀️..

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