Beauty on Wheels


Tamara hosting "Beauty on Wheels"
Tamara hosting "Beauty on Wheels"



Tamara hosting "Beauty on Wheels"
Tamara hosting "Beauty on Wheels" internet series.
Tamara Mena hosts ‘Beauty on Wheels’ for ‘Life con Acento LATV’. BOW is a short and lively series on fashion in the heart of Latino Los Angeles.
Life con Acento LATV is a direct link to the growing voice of the Latino experience. As the original alternative, and only remaining Latino-owned TV network in the Hispanic television space, LATV has established itself as a pioneering network, a trend-setting brand, and an innovative content hub.


See Beyond TV

See Beyond TV is a show covering interesting and unique content that encourages people to see beyond, see past people’s differences, hosted by Tamara Mena, a host in a wheelchair. See Beyond TV attempts to break barriers and stereotypes and it promotes diversity and inclusion in entertainment and media, as well as in society. The content is disability inclusive but not exclusive. ;)

Coming soon! We are working on a new website that will present what See Beyond TV is all about. Watch here for it's launching.


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